Fely Campo

As Fely Campo says “What I want to express is my feeling, a feeling about, above all, something as passionate as my profession, dedicated to fashion, to manipulating fabrics, touching them, giving them volume and shape, giving them life. To come alive when a woman puts on a dress, when she moves in it, when she feels with it, when she breathes with it, this is something magical”.


Fely Campo.

Fely Campo

Fely Campo is a Spanish fashion designer who specialises in evening wear, both formal and cocktail, and in bridal Wear.
Fely Campo combines a thoughtful mix of femininity and austere simplicity to give shape to an always elegant design.
These reflect the place that has formed her as both a designer and a woman – Salamanca. The almost translucent stonework, the severity of the mountains, the purity of the lines of the Salamanca landscape along with the climate and the personality of its people have undoubtably influenced her development as a designer who is never separated from her roots.

Fely Campo collections are created entirely in Spain,in her Atelier in Salamanca. The Salamantina designer maintains the perfect balance between a precise finish and a profound knowledge of her craft, selecting and checking every last detail until her design reaches the client.

A committed, meticulous professional, she chooses each fabric with care, giving them life as she creates her designs. Each personally selected fabric is perfectly suited to the volume, shape and space of a modern woman in constant evolution as is Fely Campo.